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    Please Read this before POSTING!!!



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    Please Read this before POSTING!!!

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:25 pm


    Welcome all MEMBERs to this ZONE!

    As you know this is a Technology Forum, so you should share only some content related to Information Technology only!

    To run this forum efficiently and without any complicity, some RULES are made. So while posting in this ZONE Please keep these RULES in you MIND!

    • You may post topic only in ENGLISH Language, any Topic posted in any language other than ENGLISH will be deleted.

    • Spamming is Strictly prohibited in this Forum. Any type of content copied from any other SITE, will be considered as SPAM and will be deleted.

    • If you insist to post some content which is already been posted in some Magazine, Newspaper or Websites, just give Time, Date, Author's Name and Address.

    • As this ZONE is specified for only SOFTWARE Based Topics, you may post content only related to SOFTWARE, like Free Download, Software Reviews etc.

    • If there is some important content in your topic, then BOLD that, so the readers can read them carefully.

    • Posting any kind of CRACK and SERIAL Numbers in this forum is not ALLOWED.

    • Sharing of any kind of Hacking Tools is strictly prohibited.

    • All Topics having content regarding HACKING will be deleted.

    • While giving links to download any SOFTWARE, always write about system requirement for subject SOFTWARE.

    I hope you all will not abide by these RULES while posting. And if you want any change about these rules please let me know!


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